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TheraTears Success Stories
  TheraTears is not just another eye drop. It's changed people's lives. Click on any of the titles listed below to read a TheraTears Success Story. If you're a TheraTears Success Story, drop us an e-mail. We'll consider it for posting at this site.

I could feel SteriLid working

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I've been using SteriLid once a day since then

Dear TheraTears Team:

I've been suffering from dry eyes for several years and had become addicted to over-the-counter eye drops. When used, they temporarily eased the burning and itching, however, as time passed by, their effect lasted for shorter and shorter periods, until I was applying drops up to ten times per day. I had been cleaning my eyelids once per day with an optometrist recommended eyelid cleansing pad; a small cotton swab soaked in solution. These helped to alleviate my condition, however, I still needed the drops.

One day, while shopping for some more pads, I discovered the store was out of their stock. I noticed the containers of SteriLid and read the box. Developed by a doctor specifically for dry eyes. Since the store was out of the pads, I decided to give SteriLid a try.

That evening, I used SteriLid for the first time. I read the directions, which recommended I leave it on for sixty seconds for optimal benefits. I gently rubbed some on each eyelid, and started counting down in my head. I could feel it working -- it was a tingling, cool sensation; almost a slight burning, but not unpleasant. It felt invigorating. After the minute was up, I rinsed my eyes. My eyes felt clean and cool that evening.

I've been using SteriLid once a day since then and, not only do my eyes feel much better, but I've probably only used eye drops two or three times. Today, I visited your web site and read the doctor's recommendation to use your product twice a day. I've only been using it once per and have experienced great results. I can't wait to use it twice!

Anyway, I know this note is long, but I don't write testimonials very often and I believe the results I've achieved from using SteriLid not only deserves a happy customer testimonial, but a glowing one. Please feel free to use any part of this testimony or its entirety.


Steve M

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